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near the damascus airport, and online access was cut, as the pressure intensified on president bashar al-assad. we have a report narrated by jonathan rugman of "independent television news." >> reporter: it could be the west's worst nightmare. jubilant jihadist fighters near damascus. this group has captured a helicopter and these islamists are now in the vanguard of syria's rebel army. syrian warplanes and helicopters were filmed attacking the fringes of the capital today. and to the road to the international airport has been closed by fighting. and as that fighting intensifies much of syria's internet network has been cut. the government and opposition are blaming each other for the shutdown. whatever the truth, syria's regime is battling these men for its very survival. president assad's helicopters are being shot down. and even a mig jet was filmed tumbling from the sky. this rebel boasting that he's downed both a helicopter and a mig within 24 hours. these surface to air missiles have been looted from captured military bases. what do we first with it a voice can be heard asking.
of humanitarian aid. syrian jets bombed rebel targets near the damascus airport as major middle east airlines continue to suspend flights into the syrian capital. the interpret is down for a second day. the syrian government blames "terrorists." the activists say syrian civil war led to the deaths of more than 40,000. and now live to conor. this is getting serious and it is reportedly the biggest communications outage since it began. >>reporter: yes. that is right. according to international analysts they say 90 90 percentf the internet connections are down in syria. it is overwhelmingly likely that it was the assad regime that cut the communication devices. there are a couple of possibilities. some analysts say it is possible the regime will launch a large scale military offensive. they have cut devices before but the more likely is that as rebels push to damascus and government-held areas they are doing anything they can to try to slow down the rebel assault in the government-held areas. a way to do that is to cut the phones and the internet. it should be pointed out that rebels have access
was down today in syria and some traffic was halted at the airport in damascus as rebels battled government forces. good evening, i'm jeffrey brown. >> suarez: and i'm ray suarez. on the "newshour" tonight, margaret warner examines what the latest clashes tell us about the strength of the assad regime and of the opposition. >> brown: then, we update the growing unrest in egypt where the islamist-dominated assembly fast-tracked a vote on a new constitution. >> suarez: we continue our conversations with newly-elected senators. tonight, arizona republican, jeff flake. >> >> we're at a point on the fiscal issues where we have to reach an agreement and perhaps as we do so that will start the stage for the other areas as well. >> brown: fred de sam lazaro has the story of a minnesota non- profit that celebrates diversity and the power of dance. >> they're one of the few companies that within their own work spans so many kinds of different style, from classical ballet to modern danceo contemporary performance to urban dance. >> suarez: and we look at college sports teams, moving from conference to
intensifying around the capital, damascus. the assad regime rarely allows foreign journalists inside, but elizabeth palmer is there. >> reporter: we aren't allow to film the syrian military's shelling of the capital's suburbs, but opposition activists capture many of the strikes on their cell phones. this is what's happening within view and certainly within earshot of downtown damascus. we asked syria's minister of information, omran ahed al zouabi what it means for the regime. you've lost a lot of territory since i was here last. are you losing this fight? "of course not," he said, referring to the armed opposition as terrorists. "they don't have any popular support and most of them aren't even syrian." everyone knows that like a noose, the fighting is slowly tightening around the capital, and yet with no solution, no peace agreement in sight, the people are increasingly, anxiously clinging to the routines of their normal lives. or at least what passes for normal these days. driving to work past military checkpoints trying to ignore the charred wreckage of car bombs, not to mention
're getting reports the road to the damascus international airport has been shut down because of clashes and military operations on the outskirts of the airport and on the outskirts of that major city. i'm also hearing that cell phone outages and the internet has been now blocked in syria, which means communications for so many are now down and syria has been now shut oh of essentially from the rest of the world. you know, that sounds awfully foreboding. but at the same time, we're coming up in a few months on two years since all of this began. why am i only hearing about internet blackouts now? this would seem like a very big tactic for the government to use much earlier on before we started seeing all those horrors. >> reporter: i mean, today that is, to be honest, some quite substantial news. weeks of rebel successes but the calculation made by the government, if it is the government shutting down the internet, the rebels benefit more from the internet being on, use it to spread news and put video out of what they have been doing. the rebels benefit more than the regime benefits from
. washington boulevard had a crash blocking the right and the left lane. let's head back up to damascus now. if you're traveling along ridge road, it's closed between woodville road because of an accident that now has downed wires. on the roadway, not safe at all. please avoid the road if possible. if you're traveling the icc, hardly any volume. traveling westbound, just past georgia avenue, have a report of an accident and it's blocking the left lane and the center lane. but again, very light volume. so if you're traveling westbound, just stick to the left lane. >>> developing story in northeast washington. right now, firefighters are trying to figure out what sparked a warehouse fire near gallaudet university. this is happening at the union market building at the intersection of fourth and moore street. megan mcgrath is there with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: you can see behind me here a lot of the firefighters still here on the scene. at this point, the fire is under control. they're keeping a close eye on it, though, because it had a number of flare-ups through the evening. th
now in syria, damascus international airport shut down. flights in and out are canceled. fierce fighting closed off the main road to the airport. these clashes happening as the country's internet goes dark and cell phone communication drops out. it's harder to post videos like this one. reportedly showing shelling in aleppo uploaded earlier today. in the past, the syrian government cut off access in an operation. but this is unprecedented. the military jet and two helicopters were shot down by rebels. now, takeovers at military bases given them a new arsenal of heavy weaponry. in this attack, they used rockets and as cnn's arwa damon reports, the rebels claiming this as a major victory. >> reporter: children on the back of a tractor made off with a sizable tangled lump of metal. what was all too often the cause of nightmares now a trophy of war. proudly shown off by this man. we want to take these pieces to show them to the other villages, he says. let them see what happened to these planes. everyone we speak to here describes the fear they felt any time they heard a jet overhea
in the capital damascus. rebels say they fired mortars at president bashar al assad's palace. state-run media contradicted the rebels' account. it said opposition troops fired on residential areas in what it calls a terrorist attack. it said at least three people were killed. a day earlier, rebels set off a car bomb near the presidential palace. at least 11 people, including pro-government militiamen, died. opposition forces are reportedly bringing in fighters from other parts of syria to focus on damascus. human rights active uses say fighting around the country killed more than 200 people on tuesday alone. >>> an earthquake has struck the central american country of guatemala. at least 30 people are reported to have died. analysts with the u.s. geological survey say the magnitude 7.4 quake struck on wednesday at around 10:35 a.m. local time. they say the focus was 41 kilometers beneath the pacific ocean, about 160 kilometers from guatemala city. authorities say several houses in the town of san marcos near the mexican border collapsed. they say residents are trapped in the rubble. a fire de
forces. he was the imam of a historic mosque in damascus. authorities jailed him several times for criticizing assad. he fled into exile. members of more than 50 opposition groups negotiated for a week. the foreign minimum sters of qatar and turkey took part. they want to get more access to weapons and funding from abroad. >>> israeli military officials say they fired what they called a warning shot into syria. they say they responded after a stray shell landed in the israeli occupied golan heights. a defense official said a shell fired from syria landed near a military post, and the officials say they realize it was a mistake. still, they returned fire with an anti-tank missile. this is the first time israeli units have fired on syria since the 1973 middle east war. they've tried to stay out of the fighting there, but gunfire hit a military vehicle earlier in month. israeli officials say they filed aa complaint with the united nations, which monitors the cease-fire between the two countries. prime minister benjamin netanyahu told his cabinet that the country is prepared for an
captured an air base on sunday near damascus. government troops responded with air attacks on towns around the bay. one fighter jet bombed the playground in a village east of the capital. video shows what appeared to be the shell of a cluster bomb and canisters of smaller bombs. cluster bombs scatter over a wide area increasing casualties. syrian officials have not signed the agreement. the international group human rights watch reported lastonth that government forces had used the bombs. government officials say they don't have such weapons. >>> some scientists warn only drastic cuts in emissions of greenhouse cases will save the environment. they're trying to come up with a new frame work to reduce emissions. representatives of developed and developing nations remain divided over how to move forward. >>> delegates are trying to figure out what to do after the protocol expires at the end of the year. the new frame work is supposed to come into force in 2020. >> we need to agree next steps toward negotiating the 2015 agreement with a particular focus on the work to be done next year. >> ch
figures. >>> opposition troops in syria are setting their sights on key targets in the capital damascus. rebels say they fired mortars at president bashar al assad's palace. [ shots ] state-run media contradicted the rebels' account and said opposition troops fired on residential areas in what it called a terrorist attack. it said at least three people were killed. a day earlier, rebels set off a car bomb near the presidential palace. at least 11 people, including pro-government militiamen, died. opposition forces are reportedly bringing in fighters from other parts of syria to focus on damascus. human rights activists say fighting around the country killed more than 200 people on tuesday alone. >>> the american maker of an anti-islamic film has been sentenced to one year in prison for violating the terms of his probation on a separate charge. the film sparked outrage throughout the muslim world. a u.s. court on wednesday handed down a ruling on the 55-year-old california resident. the man was on probation after being convicted of bank fraud but was again detained in september on suspic
game there. damascus hosting urbana tonight. trust me, they ran through the banner there. chase williams giving chase off the bad snap. so we're going to overtime here. and the hawks turn to gray. gray is a part of the urbana clan. they upset damascus 24-23. all right. good stuff out there in playoff land. that is going to do it for us. taking us out of here our band of the week, taking us home. loudoun county. good night, everybo♪ music playing ♪
... is now lifting its ban on alcohol! alcohol!damascus will no town.tte town offjuss over 15-- allow alcohol sales.damascus had been one of the few dryy towns left in marrlandd and voters deeided against allowing alcohol salessinnfive different referendum votes.the residents' vote allows beer, but n harr liquor.... the change is gettinn mixed reviews. 7:07 i mean therr'' a lot of stuff this town needs, but alcohhl? noo not really 11 11628 anytime you bring allohol into some pplce, it's &pgoing to briig trouble 32 9:11 we've been ddinkinggin damascus. we just have to go 5 et the alcohol 25 25the new alcohol law goes iito effecc ext month...but least 30- days to get the permits to serveeit. the vote leaves ii effect a ban oo the opening of bars. 3 the problems from hurricane sandy... still linger. repairing the damage has just begun. sooe esidents are still without power and no prommse as to when it will be r. restored. there are thousands electrical equipmenn is so waterlogged that pooer crews can't even get in.. to bring their service back.that equipment must be repaired, tested, an
drinks. a typical small town with one distinction, damascus is dry. no alcohol. >> i do not think we should change it. >> the battle to serve beer and wine has pitted neighbor against neighbor. >> some say keep damascus the way it is. others say they need those in restaurants to improve dining options. >> the townsfolk have voted to repeal the referendum to allow restaurants to serve beer and wine. finally tuesday, those in favor of the blues won out. >> bringing new restaurants and to the area. >> the owners are eager to apply for a license. >> i think it will help our visit and increase our volume. >> there is lingering opposition and fear of change. >> they might get drunk and get out of control. >> some say they doubt serving beer and wine in restaurants will make much of a difference. >> there's a lot of businesses that are looking forward to it. i do not see what the big deal is. >> there you see a, coffee and water among the still legal beverages. there are several restaurants andin damascus. one restaurant expects to start doing so in a few months. >> thank you. a store owne
planning to escalate its response? in damascus, the capital and assad's seat of power, there were intense clashes between rebels and syria's military. the airport was shut down. earlier, i spoke to arwa damon, who is one of the only western journalists inside syria. arwa, we're hearing syrian rebels shelled an airport near aleppo today. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: we are able to gather there were clashes along that main vital road leading from the capital to the damascus international airport. there were various reports that the airport had been shut down, that some airlines were canceling their flights. the syrian government put out a statement saying that terrorists as they have long been calling the opposition, attacked a number of vehicles along that route but that it is now secure. this is, however, an indication of just how much territory the rebels have been able to gain. >> it seems, arwa, correct me if i'm wrong, the internet service for the entire country of syria has been shut down and cell phone service also down. where you are, we are speaking by satellite.
. he said terrorists did it. that said, the same guy, information manager, said the airport in damascus was still open for business today. if you want to check his veracity, the airport in damascus was not open for business today. really, it's closed. see inside that circle? no planes in the flight radar over syria. while that detail is important to figuring out whether or not you should believe things the syrian information manager tells you is true, it is also, frankly, ominous that the main airport in syria is shut down. no plane has taken off from or landed in damascus since yesterday morning. we're getting all sorts of conflicting reports about why that might be. everything from the rebels have mortared the runway, to the government shut it down in order to attack the rebels, to this information minister guy saying it's not shut down as all. it apparently is shut down. there is a black box in terms of what's happening over in syria right now. there's a black box in terms of what's going on in that country. we don't know what's going on. it has gone opaque. with the internet shutdow
in their fact. the rebels fired at the presidenti pale in damascus on wednesday where assad is believed to be staying. >>> japanese lead esers are concerned about the number of ships from china's waters to the east sea. chinese ships started to appear in japanese waters on a regular basis in september just after japan nationalized three of the century senkaku islands. >>> chinese leaders are taking part in a process that's highly control and highly secretive. the meeting happens every five years. delegates will approve new policies and appoint leaders for the five years to come. >> reporter: the congress opened thursday morning in beijing's great hall of the people. it's about a ten-minute drive from our studios. i went there to watch it all unfold. 2300 delegates from across the country gathered inside the great hall of the people. he's now in the midst of giving a work report on past achievements and future goals. >> translator: the communist part has united all ethnic groups across the country and led to people. we have transformed the old underdeveloped china into a new china that's
's go to the map. a great look at the sun rise over damascus this morning. significant cloud cover earlier. now, a beautiful midday and afternoon on talk. 46 in winchester. 47 in austin hill. struggling to hit 50 degrees. we will. we will be in the low to mid the highs. sunshine for the rest of the afternoon. cool and sunny throughout much of the united states. is 56 and sunny. seattle and san francisco have a chance of showers. have the weekend forecast coming up. if you have checked social heard the probably out of is going business. they are following through on liquidate in bankruptcy court. this means more than 18,000 lose their jobs. comes after workers refused to return to work. that means the end of the twinkies andmakes wonder bread. the shelf life of twinkies is four years.t are stocking up. >> 33 factories have been suspended. willompany says stores open for several days to sell remaining products. the thought of losing their brand is sow for a lot of people. >> what is next? what are we going to lose next? >> i cannot understand it. twinkies.e >> hostess brand child for
not take out right responsibility. a damascus based group with ties to the west bank took credit. the israeli government confirmed this is only the first stage of a ceasefire agreement work many questions remain stock answered. a second set of negotiations reportedly to begin within the next 24 hours, israel's blockade of the gaza border, and an end to the flow of arms in to gaza to be negotiated. but perhaps, a bigger question, did secretary of state, hillary clinton, simply rubber-stamp an agreement that has already been negotiated. we take all of this up here tonight with a number of experts and insiders, fox news middle eastern affairs analyst, dr. waleed farris, and eli lake, and new york times best selling author ed klein. and hank shine coff on politics of it all, it will hold? will it result in real change? will it last? jennifer griffin is with us now, lived and worked in the region, and joining us now live from the pentagon, thank you, let me begin with a straight forward question, would this deal have happened with or without secretary of state clinton. >> this is a go
couple of days. >>> in syria two deadly explosions rock the capital of damascus this morning. 20 people were killed when a pair of car bombs detonated. debris fell from buildings. a video posted shows rebels shooting down a government helicopter with a missile. a second video shows the chopper losing altitude and crashing into a field. during the 19 month conflict activists say more than 40,000 people have been killed and cities and villages have become ghost towns. elizabeth palmer managed to make her way to the city of homs. at one point half million people lived there. >> reporter: here's what's left when the battle moves on. just over a year ago these desolate streets hummed with life. it was a bustling neighborhood until suddenly it turned into the epicenter of syria's civil war. armed opposition gunmen against the syria military machine. after months of fighting the syrian army did manage to take back the neighborhood. but at terrible costs. even now only 5% of the residents have returned and the fight just moved down the road. but to get to it we had to take a surreal trip throug
were killed today when two car bombs ripped through a suburb of damascus. syria's assad dictatorship has been trying to crush a rebellion that broke out more than a year and a half ago. it is very rare for western journalists to report from inside the capital, but elizabeth palmer is there for us tonight. >> reporter: today's bombing spilled the blood of neighbors and friends. jaramana is a tight-knit community of christians and jews. religious minority groups in syria who are traditional supporters of president bashar al-assad. after the huge explosion, local people immediately pitched in to repair the damage to shops and homes. and to comfort the families of the victims. this mother's 21-year-old son, a medical student, went to investigate when the first bomb blew up and was killed minutes later by the second. outside local businessman walid blped carry the wounded to safety. what is this on your jacket? >> it's blood. it's blood of all the people. >> reporter: but he can't or won't say who he thinks is to blame. who did it? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> reporter: it's a loaded
, the violence inside the country continues. lena reports from damascus. >> there has been an escalation of violence this week in syria. government forces have bombarded several cities, and there were clashes on the ground with the group, the free syrian army. damascus was no exception. warplanes have been firing at the eastern suburbs of the city, and artillery shelling on opposition-held areas much the number of civilians killed this week exceeded 500, including women and children. but the free syrian army is also moving closer to the center of the city, trying to gain ground. they had claimed attacks on government strongholds, including a military air force. the government denies those claims, but did accuse terrorist groups of attacks on neighborhoods. neighborhoods were attacked this week. they are inheart by residents loyal to president assad and are predominantly of the minority group. these were the first attacks of sectarian nature. they feel oppression by islamic radical group who the government says are rising in number. these groups, the government says, are paid by conservat
out. the road to damascus is shut down. the u.s. is still weighing on whether to arm them. nick peyton walsh is in beirut and i asked him about the deterioratie ining situation in syria. >> reporter: two dramatic developments today. first, the communications blackout across the country. the internet down along with most cell phones perhaps done by the regime to stop communications with the outside world about their successes, perhaps suggesting a crisis at the heart of damascus' ruling eli elite. damascus international airport, flights canceled from there. reports of clashes nearby. two austin ran peace keepers likely wounded. that vital symbol on the outskirt of the capital clearly under threat at the moment and after months of stalemate, signs of real change and movement on the ground. >> thank you and now to cairo, where president morsi's move to fast track a new constitution is being met with resistance. some say it's a way to diffuse anger to expand his presidential powers and weaken the judiciary, but critics say he's hijacking the constitution. >> erin, today, a special panel vo
and tonight, we go to syria where the internet is nearly blacked out. the road to damascus is shut down. the u.s. is still weighing on whether to arm them. nick paton walsh is in beirut and i asked him about the deteriorating situation in syria. >> reporter: two dramatic developments today. first, the communications blackout across the country. the internet down along with most cell phones perhaps done by the regime to stop communications with the outside world about their successes, perhaps suggesting a crisis at the heart of damascus' ruling elite. damascus international airport, flights canceled from there. reports of clashes nearby. two austin ran peace keepers likely wounded. that vital symbol on the outskirt of the capital clearly under threat at the moment and after months of stalemate, signs of real change and movement on the ground. >>> it's been 80 days since chris ambassador was killed. so now why is the fbi saying that they are going to use facebook? today they say, after all this time, they are going to ask for help for tips via facebook to help them in this investigation. is this
the u.n. security council from putting pressure on damascus. yang said the crisis in syria needs a political solution. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton says that kosovo's independence is not up for discussion. clinton and the eu foreign policy chief met with the kosovan present. >> clinton and ashton are touring balkan countries currently. london's police may be selling their famous new scotland yard headquarters to cut costs. they need to find over 600 million euros of savings and help the complex can fetch a large chunk of that sum. >> city police moved into the iconic building on victoria street in 1967. with staff cuts on the way, they will not need as much space. >> we will be back in one minute with more. >> stick around. we will be right back. >> welcome back. it is deja vu all over again. florida and ohio are expected to be key swing states in determining the outcome of the u.s. presidential election. >> some are saying that romney must win florida to win the race. the southern state has a high percentage of latino voters as well as senior citizens, many of home ar
damascus to aleppo. five rebels also died in the clashes. >> human rights groups are reporting government attacks in and around the syrian capital wednesday. it is thought this video shows a syrian army jet bombing a rebel area not far from the city. some positive unemployment numbers coming out of the united states five days ahead of the presidential election. payroll processing company adp says the u.s. economy added 150,000 jobs in october, the biggest gain since february. >> official figures from the government are to be released tomorrow. the unemployment rate in the u.s. remains just below 8%, much higher than before the onset of the financial crisis that in 2008. those job figures pushed stocks up on both sides of the atlantic on thursday. our correspondent sent us this round up. than any better than expected situation at the job market in the u.s. is a very good sign, not only for the americans, but also for the stock markets all over the world, because it shows that the u.s. economy seems to bottom out. more jobs also means that people are more confident in their own income and t
planes bombing rebel positions near the turkish border as well as in the capital damascus. >> the conflict between the government and rebels in syria has meant misery for millions of people. >> the united nations says it is having trouble collecting money pledged to help alleviate their plight. the united nations says member states have promised some 270 million euros in aid for victims of the serious conflict, but less than half of that has actually been paid into the emergency fund. the un estimates that up to 1.5 million people could be in need of aid because of the crisis. well, the race for the white house is entering the final stretch. both president obama and his challenger mitt romney will be spending the final days of their campaigns in swing states like wisconsin, ohio, and virginia. >> one big issue in the election has been struggling u.s. economy, but latest jobs numbers released today show some slight improvement in the number of people out of work in october. >> the pace of recovery is slow, but it is sure to be news that both campaigns will be spending in th
, ankara and damascus agreed to lift mutual visa requirements, which was great news for the transportation sector. demonstrators from the entire region would come to cross the border arriving in the morning and returning in the evening. we did very good business. >> most of those who can leave the war zone. samir's parents-in-law live 10 miles from the border, is stiff enough distance, he says. there's a machine gun fire or shelling to be heard here, but the family are still very worried. >> we feel safe from the mortars here, but my husband still works by the border. i get worried when i cannot reach him on the phone. >> and politicians said the turkish army would need three hours to deal with the syrians, but here by the border, we prefer to live in peace with the other side. >> but with no end in sight to the civil war in syria, that peace will be a long time coming. >> the wreckage of a capsized boat may not seem very exciting to most people, but if you are an engineering enthusiast or a merchant catering to tourists nearby, then a half-submerged shipwreck can be interesting. we are ta
government soldiers. it comes as there is break out between regime troops and rebels in damascus. >> violence in the capital escalates. they are holding talks. there are under pressure from the international community to find common ground. >> there is no and to the violent images emerging in syria. this time, it is where they brought more dead and more wounded. the military is not shying away from heavy weapons. a suicide car killed at least 50 syrian troops. and the diplomatic front, russia says dialogue is the way to peace. >> we fully support the regional quartet initiative that has been launched to resolve the syrian crisis. >> that quartet comprises opponents of the regime. egypt and saudi arabia, as well as syrians ally, iran. calls for dialogue are in directly aimed at the syrian opposition which is meeting to search for greater unity. the national council and opponents within syria itself. hear, the groups under pressure from united states are seeking compromise. >> we will find a way to choose -- they will find a way to choose their leadership. in this case, the owhole world will be
he will not leave syria. >> [indiscernible] >> he also warned that damascus is the last stronghold of secular instability and that any foreign intervention would have disastrous consequences. >> it is the last stronghold of secularism and instability in the region. if they come in, it will have a domino effect. i do not think the west is going in that regard. but nobody can tell what is next. >> all this comes as the international committee of the red cross gave its starkest warning yet about the suffering of the syrian people. the red cross said it cannot cope with the worsening situation in the country. >> the continued violence in syria. you are watching bbc world news america. still to come, how did he do it? we talk to president obama chief pollster about the path to victory. nyc mayor michael bloomberg has ordered the rationing of gasoline due to a severe shortage caused by super storm sandy, which comes after a second storm has hit the battered area. >> first came hurricane sandy. not only did she bring floodwaters, but the boardwalk, too. it residents did not think it could
. it was retaliation for a mortar shell that hit near a post. the israeli border isn't too far from damascus. israel's military says they've issued a complaint through united nations as well. >>> and the other big story we're following. new details now. on the resignation of cia director general david petraeus. james clapper was informed tuesday evening, election night. then the president was told thursday. with also know the fbi investigation was triggered by harassing eames senl by his biographer paula broadwell to another woman close to him. >>> on a lighter note let's turn to politics and "saturday night live" for some laughs. >> i still love you merks,ameri do, but you've hurt my feelings very, very much. >> father -- hello,
on is on the battlefield which is moving in relentlessly around the capitol like here in the damascus suburbs. the unified opposition and its outside backers insist that bashar assad must go before there can be any dialogue. he is clearly not ready to do that. >> the war in syria continues as do their regional implications. when the head of the cia resigns after admitting to an extramarital affair and it turns out investigations have known about it for months, there are bound to be questions. the public learn about their fair and friday. patraeus step down and it was with his biographer. senior members of congress want to know why there were not told sooner. what is it that lawmakers want? congress likes to feel they're in the loop, particularly if you have the situation where there is the potential for the director of the cia to have been compromised in some sort of way. those are responsible to oversee feel that they are responsible. >> there was no criminal activity and security had not been compromised. >> the fbi is one of the 16 intelligence agencies, once they started looking into whether or not th
i would really be a breach too far for damascus. on the other hand, i think there is a good chance that german patriot missile systems could end up getting stationed on the turkish-syrian border. germany has indicated they will -- turkey has indicated they will be requesting the systems and germany is only one of three countries that can offer them. >> where is the opposition standing on this? >> the social democrats say that any deployment of german of patriot missile systems would require parliamentary approval. the point being that german troops would probably accompany the misfiles. the second largest opposition party in parliament, the left, there categorically opposed to the deployment of the german patriot domiciles. they say it would simply fanning the flames of war. the third opposition party, the green party, they're concerned that any deployment of the patriot missile system could be a prelude to an imposition of a no-fly zone by nato and they say that would require the u.n. security council approval. >> thank you very much for the analysis. >> we heard earlier in the sh
in aleppo and damascus. the government used warplanes to bomb our -- held parts of the city. >> history seems to be repeating itself in the congo. >> this time, it is a group of insurgents who call themselves the m23 rebel group. >> it is a conflict that looks a lot like the one we saw back in 2004 through 2009. on thursday, government troops were fighting back. >> these weapons were left behind by the thousands of congolese soldiers who fled. many of their colleagues stayed behind and joined the rebels. the extra guns have increased the group's arsenal. many locals also fled. those who decided to stay are getting on with life as best they can. >> it is very sad that the government let this town fall into the hands of the rebels, but we hope things will be back to normal soon. >> congo's president is holding talks in uganda with his rwandan counterpart and the ugandan president. the three leaders agreed there can be no negotiations with the rebels until they pull out. >> the rebels should get out of the town. there must be a cease-fire, and then the government of congo will be able to a
as opposition fighters captured a helicopter base, which is near the capital of damascus. and the government bombing of a village near the capital reportedly killed at least eight children while they were just outside playing. >>> now for a look at your monday weather, we check in now to nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> have a wonderful week snend. >> great holiday weekend. but back to work for a lot of folks. >> unfortunately. >> it happens. >> that's what we do. good morning everyone. it's a little chilly out there. nothing like the super storm san different remember that? we've all seen the damage pictures. this is some of the first video i've seen of when the damage was occurring. this was right before high tide, someone that should have evacuated but didn't in union beach, new jersey. this isn't even the peak water levels. you can see how impressive the waves were and the wind-driven spray. a lot of these houses didn't make it. let's show you what's happening. a little chilly in the inner mountain west. cool in seattle. some of the cold air struck down. windchill at 36. portland at 36.
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